2019 Full Results

*Skotty Vicious* def. TJX 
*Vineesh* def. Patriot Snyper
*JJ Stone* def. Trey Evers
*Devin Station* def. Bones Dudley
*Vincent Cross* def. Brandon Skinner, DJ Calvin Ketamine, and Chief Thunder Bear
*Team IWA* def. The Asylum

The third match was a return bout from Season’s Beatings between JJ Stone and Trey Evers, only this time the winner would be crowned number 1 contender for Robby Rampage’s Cruiserweight Championship. The two men put on a clinic, showing the drive of a champion as they fought tooth and nail. In the end, JJ Stone managed to pull off the victory, resulting in a handshake show of respect between the two men.

After intermission, things picked right back up with a showdown for the Livewire Championship between challenger, Devin Station, and the champion, Bones Dudley. The two worked a hard hitting match, where Bones appeared to be injured, allowing Devin Station to become the NEW Livewire Champion.

The fifth match was the earlier announced fatal 4 way for the US Title between Vincent Cross, DJ Calvin Ketamine, Brandon Skinner, and Chief Thunder Bear. Cross made no friends in this one, being immediately pummeled by all three opponents. The match quickly broke down, with every man pulling out all stops on hopes of capturing the title. In the end, Cross lured Skinner in, playing possum to catch him with Cruel Intentions to claim the US Title.

The main event was a long awaited showdown between Team IWA (Devin James, Nattie Wyld, Nero, The Misfit Renegades, and Robby Rampage) and The Asylum (Rob Allen, Black Widow, Lenny Spicoli, Vinny Violence, Timmy Murdoch, and Christian Steel). The hatred they have for each other boiled over in a big way here, everyone giving it their all to maim and destroy their opponents. In the end, Nattie Wyld delivered on her promise, securing the victory over Rob Allen for her team, letting Team IWA Stand tall as coldsnap came to a close.

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2018 Full Results


Joshua Charles Def. Nuport Kyd to become the NEW Cruiserweight Champion (immediately Forfeited title)
Brandy Wine and Buckshot Jones Def. Jessi Bell and Connor Cross
Viper Def. Mad Man Pondo
Chris Douglas def. Amos and Kodiak to become the NEW Ohio Champion
Chriss Hexx and Derek Flynt Def. The Party Animals to become the NEW Tag Team Champions
Bones Dudley Def. TJX, Brandon Idle, Devin Station, and Vinnie Violence to RETAIN the Warfare Championship
Hayden Kross Def. Vincent Cross
Nuport Kyd Def. Rick Raid, Reno Brooks, Robbie Rampage, Scotty Vicious, and Mason Alexander to become the NEW Cruiserweight Champion


Halloween Horrors 2018 is in the books and will be remembered as the night the rulebook was tossed out.
The show opened with JD Blaze and Devin James having a contract signing for their showdown in November at Ultimatum. Things started to look bad for the DOA, but he had an ace up his sleeve as Harleys roared into the building and the bikers brawled to the back with DSM.
The opening match was for the Cruiserweight Championship, between Champion Nuport Kyd, and the challenger Joshua Charles, with US Champion Guile Castle as the special referee. These two have had a string of stellar matches and this one was no different, with The Rogue pulling out all the stops and snatching the title away from Kyd. The three men shook hands, but the events were marred as JD Blaze came back out for an attack. Afterward, Devin James came out and made Joshua Charles an offer he couldn’t refuse. He would relinquish the Cruiserweight Championship he just earned in exchange for a contract guaranteeing him a Title match of his choosing, at the time and place of his choosing, in any match he wanted. This left Blaze fuming as he stormed to the back.
Next, Devin Station made his way to the ring, leaving people expecting him to lad down a challenge or demand a fight..instead, we were treated to a rare tender moment, as he called his girlfriend Jenny Parton to the ring and dropped to a knee. *Spoiler: She said yes*
Out next was the lovely and deadly ladies. Jessi Bell and Brandy Wine arrived at Halloween Horrors ready to fight. Connor Cross was in the corner of Bell. The two went at it and had the crowd on their feet before a brawl took place, as Connor’s interference led to Buckshot coming out to help Brandy. This led to the match restarting as a mixed tag match, with Buckshot and Brandi pulling out a victory over Connor and Bell. After the match, Buckshot and Connor kept on fighting, leaving both in very bad shape before it was over.
The night then took a turn for the insane, as Hardcore Icons went to war. Viper faced off against Mad Man Pondo in an Unlucky 13 match. Before the match could begin, as Pondo was speaking to the crowd(putting it lightly), three fans jumped up and hit the ring, turning their attention on Viper. Before they had a chance to react, The Pitbull Guile Castle had hit the ring and alongside Viper, showed the “fans” why we warn fans not to get too close to the action. After they were dispatched, Pondo and Viper gave us a war that was not for the feint at heart, several staples and 13 dollars later, Viper emerged victorious. This was also the first match to be officiated by new IWA referee Guile Castle Jr.
We had a brief intermission which included a costume contest for the kids.
Back from the intermission, we had a triple threat match for the recently vacated Ohio Championship. Kodiak, whom had tied to the previous champion, was eager to make his mark, facing off against the returning mysterious Amos, and the King of Kaos, Chris Douglas. The three had a hard-fought battle, but Douglas managed to walk away as the new champion.
Next was the Hot Seat with David Right interviewing the Number 1 contenders to the Tag Titles, Chriss Hexx and Derek Flynt. The two had different plans though, letting their actions speak for them as the viciously assaulted the Hot Seat host. The Party Animals came out to try to help, with their manager Heatwave being attacked by Hexx as well. This led to an impromptu match for the vacant Tag Team Championship, which was won in dominant fashion by the bloodthirsty number one contenders.
Out next was the WARFARE division. Bones Dudley faced off against a slew of combatants for his title. After a brutal fight all over the arena, Bones managed to outlast, Vinnie Violence, TJX, Braandon Idle, and Devin Station to retain his title.
As if things hadn’t been crazy enough, Next was a blood feud between Hayden Kross and the man whom he believes cost him the Heavyweight Title at Throwdown, Vincent Cross. The two waged war with a casket that was filled with over 2000 thumbtacks. The two beat the hell out of each other before Hayden utilized a steel chair to send Vincent falling into the box, leaving Hayden Victorious. The celebration was short lived though, as Cross came unglued after the match, smashing Hayden several times with a steel chair before Guile Castle came out and managed to calm the lunatic down..but not before Cross threw himself back into the tacks.
The main event saw Nuport Kyd get a chance to regain the title he lost in the opening of the show, facing Rick Raid, Robbie Rampage, Scotty Vicious, and Mason Alexander in a ladder match for the title…but before the bell could ring, The Mercenary, Reno Brooks made his return, claiming the belt was his as h had never been beaten for it. He was inserted into the match, which did not disappoint. These six young athletes put it all on the line, risking life and limb for a chance to be called champion, but this night belonged to Nuport Kyd, who rose above, fighting in his second match of the evening and managing to climb the ladder to reclaim the title to close out the evening.

What will happen after this wild night as we roll into November and IWA’s biggest show of the year: Ultimatum?

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