This week's Wrestler Spotlight
Jessica Jean

    1. On August 12th in New Holland Ohio, you finally were able to take the Women's Championship from Melissa Bangkok, how does it feel to be the Champion?
It's a true blessing to have accomplished the honor of becoming the IWA Women's Championship. Ever since the IWA Women's Championship was reinstated, it was my goal to become the Women's Champion. Now, my goal is to be a champion the fans are proud of.

2. Melissa Bangkok attacked you after the match and vowed she will becoming back for that Championship in the future. Do you have any words for the former Champion?
. Melissa and I have had a past that goes very far back. I have defeated her multiple times before and I can defeat her again.

3. On September 23rd you will defend that Championship for the first time since winning it. Angela Marie wasn't to happy to find out you won the title in her absence and has reached outside the IWA Roster for your challenger. A woman from your past, that I can announce here officially...Tragedy Ann will be debuting in IWA with her sights set directly on you and the Gold. Does it worry you any?
Tragedy Ann is a tough opponent and I have much respect for her, both as an opponent and as a fellow woman in the wrestling industry. I look forward to being a fighting champion and facing her in September. I will do whatever I have to in that ring to keep the IWA Women's Championship in my possession

4. Finally, we know about Tragedy Ann, we know about Melissa Bangkok, there is also Raven, Megan Difranscisco, the newcomer Cherry that all would definitely love to take the title away from you. With the Bullseye squarely on you now as Champion, what does that mean for Double J going forward as the challengers line up?

As I said before, I want to be a champion that the fans can be proud of and I want to be a fighting champion, regardless of whoever I am fighting to defend the title.