THello Patients and Fans,   Doctor Ian Wishbone here, the official Medical Doctor of the International Wrestling Alliance.  I am here with this month's newest segment the Trauma Center where we cover all of the injuries currently being suffered by the IWA Roster and those who have been officially cleared to return to the Ring soon.

Hayden Kross:
Against my wishes, and medical advice Mr. Kross insisted on going to the show on February 10th seeking revenge against JD Blaze.  Unfortunately for Mr. Kross, he went from a Sprained Neck and a minor tissue damage to a severe muscle tear in Mr. Kross' neck that could keep him sidelined until later in the Summer.  Thankfully the neck and spinal cord didn't suffer more severe damage due to JD Blaze's actions.

Vincent Cross:
Vincent Cross was sent for an MRI today on his knee (Picture shown).   I will not get those results back until this week, but I do expect Mr. Cross to be in a brace for several months after the attack on his knee by his former partners in the Forsaken, Omega, Syko, and Omega.  Mr. Cross was advised to take at least two months off from the ring at this point, but that could be updated to further time off once we see his MRI Results

Bulldog Dan Hansen:
The Bully of IWA Wrestling suffered a dislocated shoulder that was put back into socket backstage at the New Holland event on Saturday.   Mr. Hansen refused any further care from myself or my staff, shoving me away and telling me he didn't need any help.   The shoulder dislocation happened very early in a wild melee against his opponent Amos.  I have no timeline for Mr. Hansen's return to the ring.  

Tony Scott:
Though I could find nothing wrong with Mr. Scott other than he had been struck in the face.  He insisted he would need to see a specialist because his face is a Million Dollar Commodity. 

Charlie Brown:
Has been officially cleared to return to the Ring and will be returning in March.  Mr. Brown made remarkable strides in his return to the ring and I fully expect his career to continue at 100 percent.

​There were several minor injuries coming out of IWA's Final Stop before Uprising.  But I believe everyone to be ready for March 10th in New Holland, Ohio.   Until next time remember to wash your hands and cover your mouth.  Germs are not your friends, but Doctor Wishbone is.