February 15th, 2018

Hey again IWA Fans,  It is the Mack back with another Mack Report for this Thursday, February 15th, 2018.   I hope everyone is well today.   
Before I get into the Report from our huge February 10th show.  IWA just wants to extend its thoughts and prayers to those families in Florida right now dealing with the aftermath of yet another horrible shooting.  We can only hope that the eyes of the Nation are opened to change very soon. 

As you read from the new IWA Medical Director, Dr. Wishbone this week.  We did have some injuries coming out of the Final Stop before Uprising.  Hayden Kross suffered more trauma to his neck at the hands of his former teacher and tag team partner the Southern Psychopath JD Blaze.  Kross will be out indefinitely now as neck injuries are not something you can really rush to return from.  We wish the Fallen Archangel a speedy recovery and know he wants nothing more than to get back to the ring soon and get his hands on his former Partner and Teacher. 
Vincent Cross was sent for an MRI of his knee after his own teammates in the Forsaken turned on him.  Earlier in the evening before the Tag Team Championship Contendership Match.  Vincent Cross introduced the newest member of the Forsaken, the "Dark Heart" TJX.    The big man with the heart of darkness joined the already formidable grouping of the "Hell's Poster Boy" Psycho and the "End of Days" Omega.  Cross seemed to be building up quite the Army and probably was relishing in the fact that the Forsaken became the new number one contenders to the IWA Tag Team Titles with a victory over American Justice and the unlikely pairing of IWA's Clown Prince The Doinkster and his partner the Mystic Ninja Makato.  

However, all of that would change for Cross later in the night when he lost the "I Respect You" match to the Cruiserweight Champion "The Rogue" Joshua Charles.   In fact, not only did the Ohio Champion say he respected Charles.  He also, after some prodding from Joshua Charles shook the hand of his former enemy.   TJX and the others in Forsaken took offense to this action from Cross, claiming that he failed them and that The Dark Heart follows no one!  They laid out their former leader and took out his knee with a Steel Chair.  No word on the MRI results yet, but hopefully, the Unhinged One will be able to return soon. 

Also, we saw The United States Champion, IWA resident Bully, Bulldog Dan Hansen dislocate his shoulder in a match against the mysterious Amos.  Bulldog will be out of action for at least a month.  Amos will have to contend instead with Bulldog's Tag Team Partner and violent brother in Arms..."Southern Psychopath" JD Blaze.    Very little is known about Amos thus far but he will definitely have his hands full at Uprising on March 10th when he has to deal with the man that takes pride in crippling others. 


Speaking of Uprising, what a night it is going to be on March 10th in New Holland, Ohio at the New Holland Community Center.  The night when not only will the Leader of the Block Head Nation Charlie Brown return, but the Sensation Shane Christian makes his long-awaited return to IWA with both men challenging for the IWA Championship against the Bronze God Lennox Norris.  All three of these men have quite the history with each other and this Main Event is sure to leave the Rafters in New Holland rattling. 

We will also see the very first Pandora's Box Match in IWA.   Two poles will be erected in opposite corners of the ring.  On those poles will be two briefcases, one will hold a shot at the IWA Heavyweight Championship at any time the holder of the Briefcase wants to cash it in.  While the other Briefcase will hold the Pandora's Box.  A loser leaves Contract that can be used at any time by the holder of the Briefcase, BUT if the holder of the briefcase loses the match they are the ones that must leave IWA.   High risk/High reward when you decide to tempt the fates with the Pandora's Box.   Two men will start the match, and another man will enter every two minutes until every man has been in the match.  Eliminations come via over the top ropes until the final four men are left in the ring, then they will compete to be the first to pull down one of the two briefcases.

Also at Uprising, we will see "The Mercenary" Reno Brooks coming off his victory in the Cruiserweight Contendership match against "The Face of Death" Zaiden Kayne and the exciting young superstar Cesar James challenge "The Rogue" Joshua Charles for the Cruiserweight Championship. 

We will see Team No Thrills coming off their victory against Crutcher St. Pierre and his unlikely partner "The Demi-God" Paragon defend their Tag Team Titles against the Forsaken.  Originally "Doomsday" Dalton Moss, and "The Lionheart"  Jace Thorn were to be challenged for the titles by C.S.P, Crutcher St. Pierre and his partner the "Young Gun" Ryan Thomas.  Unfortunately, Thomas was in a Car accident on his way to the Event and while he is okay and we hope to see R.T. back soon.  He was unable to get to the building and Crutcher was paired with his nemesis, the Walking Apocalypse, Paragon.   The team of C.S.P and Paragon were working surprisingly well with each other in the early going of the match.  Until Paragon decided to take a Steel Chair to CSP continuing their feud that started when Paragon debut with IWA and felt the CSP disrespected him by putting his hands on him during a Battle Royal, which was kind of the point of the match.  Nevertheless, Thorn capitalized on the Chair Shot and TNT kept their Tag Team Titles.  

Now at Uprising, TNT will be challenged by The Forsaken, and CSP will finally get his hands on Paragon in a One on One Match, also all four men will be in the Pandora's Box Match as well.  The show is quickly heating up to a huge start to Spring in Ohio courtesy of IWA's Uprising!!


Uprising will be on March 10th in New Holland, Ohio at the New Holland Community Center.  The doors open at 7:30 pm and the Bell-Time will be 8:00 pm.   Not only will we have a stacked card, but we will also be honoring IWA Legend, the Great and Fantastic Bull Miller!!  

We will see on that very special night for IWA: 
The Debut of Bad News Bobby Brown and the American Nightmare Mike Sark known as Team Ink, taking on the returning American Redneck Buckshot Jones and his partner The Patriot Sniper known as American Justice. 

Cruiserweight Title Match
Joshua Charles (c) vs. Reno Brooks

Tag Team Championship 
TNT (c) vs. The Forsaken

Pandora's Box Match (Already entered in the match The Doinkster!!)

Grudge Match
C.S.P.  vs. Paragon

"Southern Psychopath" JD Blaze vs. "The Mysterious" Amos

IWA Heavyweight Championship
Lennox Norris (c) vs. Shane Christian vs. Charlie Brown

Plus, so much more to come on this big night when IWA rises up to remind all of Ohio who is the Major League of Professional Wrestling.  Tickets will be on sale soon for just 8.00 in advance or 4 for 25.00.   Tickets are 10.00 at the door the night of the show.

I will have several more updates in the days ahead the new Director of Authority for IWA releases them to me.  Speaking of the D.O.A., they will be in New Holland on Saturday, March 10th to be a guest on the Hot Seat hosted by David Right.  I have been hearing around the office that the D.O.A. is also working on some more big things for IWA's Uprising.  Perhaps Superstars from another Company and even the lovely ladies of IWA in action on a night when we honor the legendary Great and Fantastic Bull Miller!!

​Stay tuned to the IWA website and our Social Media for more updates to come.  Until the next time.  This is the Mack and I will see you on March 10th for UPRISING!!!