"The Bully*
Bulldog Dan Hansen
(United States Champion)
Finisher *The Hansen Lariat*

"The American Pitbull*
Guile Castle

​*The Doggy Style (Acid Drop)*

"The Bronze God*
Lennox Norris
(Heavyweight Champion)

Finisher *Nubian Knee Lift*

"The Blockhead
Charlie Brown

Finisher *The Red Baron (Rock Bottom)*

"The Clown Prince*
Doink the Clown
(Ohio Champion)
Finisher *The Whoopie Cushion*

"The Fallen Angel"
Hayden Kross
Finisher" Kross Connection" (Spear)

"The Selfie King*
Blue Lightning 
Finisher"The Last Dance" (Armbar Cutter)

"The Great and Fantastic*
Wild Bull Miller
Finisher *The Heart Punch*

"The Southern Psycho*
JD Blaze
Finisher: Southern Stretch (Inverted Figure-Four)

"The Lionheart"
Jace Thorn
(1/2 IWA Tag Team Champions)
Finisher"Fall from Grace" (Half Nelson Slam Variation)

"Mister Unhinged*
Vincent Cross
Finisher"Cruel Intentions(Headlock Driver)

"The Human Hugging Machine*
El Gato 
Finisher"Hug it out" (Bear Hug)

"The Rogue"
Joshua Charles
​(Cruiserweight Champion)
Finisher:"The Plague" (The Killswitch/Unprettier)

"Hell's Poster Boy"
Finisher: Psycho Driver (Second Rope DDT)

Dalton Moss
(1/2 IWA Tag Team Champions)
Finisher"Public Execution" (GTS)

" The Mercenary"
Reno Brooks
​Finisher: 7.62 (Flatliner)

"The End of Days"

"American Redneck"
Buckshot Jones
Finisher: Click, Click Boom (Stunner)

​​"The Demi-God"
Finisher:  Paralyzer (Uranage Slam)
​Supplication (Inverted Cloverleaf)

​​"The Dark Heart"
Finisher: Darkness Falls (TKO)

​​"The Patriot Sniper"
Finisher: Killshot (Chokeslam variation)

"The Mysterious"
Finisher: Day of Reckoning (Cradle Neckbreaker)
​Final Chapter (Triangle Choke)

"Double J"
Jessica Jean
Finisher"My Envy (Stunner Variation)

"The Pretty Little Psycho"
Melissa Bangkok
(Women's Champion)
Finisher"One Night in Bangkok (Eat Defeat)

"Foxy Feline"
Raven Nevermorte
Finisher: Running Bulldog