"The Bully*
Bulldog Dan Hansen
(United States Champion)
Finisher *The Hansen Lariat*

"The Mysterious
​*Day of Reckoning* (Cradle

"The Bronze God*
Lennox Norris

Finisher *Nubian Knee Lift*

"The Blockhead
Charlie Brown
(Heavyweight Champion)
Finisher *The Red Baron (Rock Bottom)*

"The Fallen Angel"
Hayden Kross
Finisher" Kross Connection" (Spear)

"The Clown Prince*
Doink the Clown
Finisher *The Whoopie Cushion*

"The Selfie King*
Blue Lightning 
Finisher"The Last Dance" (Armbar Cutter)

"The Great and Fantastic*
Wild Bull Miller
Finisher *The Heart Punch*

"The Southern Psycho*
JD Blaze
Finisher: Southern Stretch (Inverted Figure-Four)

"The Lionheart"
Jace Thorn
Finisher"Fall from Grace" (Half Nelson Slam Variation)

"Mister Unhinged*
Vincent Cross
(Ohio Champion)
Finisher"Cruel Intentions(Headlock Driver)

"The Human Hugging Machine*
El Gato 
Finisher"Hug it out" (Bear Hug)

"The Rogue"
Joshua Charles
Finisher:"The Plague" (The Killswitch/Unprettier)

"Hell's Poster Boy"
(IWA Tag Team Champion)
Finisher: Psycho Driver (Second Rope DDT)

Dalton Moss
Finisher"Public Execution" (GTS)

" The Mercenary"
Reno Brooks
(Cruiserweight Champion)
​Finisher: 7.62 (Flatliner)

"The End of Days"
(IWA Tag Team Champion)

"American Redneck"
Buckshot Jones
Finisher: Click, Click Boom (Stunner)

​​"The Demi-God"
Finisher:  Paralyzer (Uranage Slam)
​Supplication (Inverted Cloverleaf)

​​"The Dark Heart"
Finisher: Darkness Falls (TKO)

​​"The Patriot Sniper"
Finisher: Killshot (Chokeslam variation)

​"The Kodiak" Jordan Aarons
Finisher: Ankle Lock

​"Built for destruction" Gunner Anderson
Finisher: ???

​Skull Duggery
Finisher: ???

"Double J"
Jessica Jean
Finisher"My Envy (Stunner Variation)

"The Pretty Little Psycho"
Melissa Bangkok
(Women's Champion)
Finisher"One Night in Bangkok (Eat Defeat)

"Foxy Feline"
Raven Nevermorte
Finisher: Running Bulldog