Welcome to the hallow halls of IWA's Hall of Fame.   Here you will find Bios for the people that helped forge what IWA is today.  Some have been lost, others retired, and even a few you might still see if you are lucky.   We honor our family and hope you will too. 
Harley "Bud" Hattery
  Harley (Bud) Hattery began life on May 22, 1954, in the small Ohio town of Weston Ohio, he was the oldest of 4 children. Unfortunately, Harley sported several health issues almost from birth, including a bad heart, thus he found it hard to play as healthier children might. Instead, he watched a lot of television, developing a love for his favorite TV show - Championship Wrestling. It was on this show that he began to follow the exploits of wrestlers such as Bobo Brazil, Wild Bull Curry, and Man Mountain Cannon. Harley, perhaps realizing he would never be big and strong enough to compete in the ring as a wrestler, hatched a plan, he would become an official or referee.

Then in 1997, he got his break. A car broke down taking several referees to an event and the promoters found themselves in a bind, there were no officials for the matches. As he often did when something was needed to be done, Harley asked if he could fill the spot. In a predicament, the promoters agreed to take a chance on the young hopeful, and on that night Harley Hattery's dream of being an in-ring performer was fulfilled.

Doing an excellent job Harley continued to referee at events all over Ohio, eventually getting the nod as the IWA's Head Referee. A spot he held up until May 23, 2013, just two weeks before he passed away while going through open heart surgery.  Harley Hattery had refereed his last event.

Great referee, wrestling fan, husband, friend, hard worker, they are all terms those that knew him knew Harley as. But one other term certainly belongs on this list, that being, nice person. Harley (Bud) Hattery just never met a person he didn't like, or that did not like him.

George" Wimpy Watson" Young

George Michael Young, AKA Wimpy Watson was born in Springfield on August,24th 1952.  He was a Meat Cutter and worked for Discover Card in his everyday life.  

But Mike Young is better known to the IWA faithful as Wimpy Watson a one of a kind manager when it came to The IWA, the self-proclaimed Manager of Champions helped his proteges to many titles including several runs with the IWA Heavyweight Championship while managing the notorious Riot Squad.   
  Away from the ring, Wimpy was a loving, kind man that would help anyone in need.  The loud mouth running around the ringside area always ready to smack the Good Guys with his cane was never short on words when in front of a crowd

.Sadly, Wimpy left us all too soon when he passed away suddenly on January, 17th, 2005.  

There will never be another man like Wimpy Watson in Wrestling.  He was a man with a big character and an even bigger heart for both the business and those he loved.   


Hillbilly Claude Caldwell

Hillbilly Claude Caldwell. Claude and his brother Clem actually are a multi-time IWA Tag Team Championship duo wrestling as the Scuffling hillbillies. Claude even once won the Tag title with wrestling legend Bobo Brazil as his partner.

But for all the IWA Championship gold Claude may have captured it was his behind the scenes exploits that guaranteed his inclusion in the hallowed halls of the IWA Hall of Fame. Claude, whose real name was Larry Lemaster, was actually the man that started the IWA. He and his brother Clem promoted the IWA's first event in Marion Ohio in 1988. It was a tournament to crown the IWA's first champion, a title that was won by Sy Youngblood, who cut a path through a talent-laden 12 man field to capture the crown.

Claude's hillbilly persona was always a crowd favorite, and he drew fans wherever he appeared, but it was again his work behind the scenes that advanced the IWA and helped make it the promotion it is today. Hillbilly Claude Caldwell never forgot where he came from and his humble beginnings.He never thought he was too big a star to help put up a ring or put up a poster to advertise an IWA event. Claude never did fulfill his dream of winning the IWA Championship, but he was a champion behind the scenes. Unfortunately, no one has a record of the Hillbillies birth date or the date he expired, but his legacy in the IWA should never be forgotten.

BoBo Brazil

 Bobo Brazil. . . Bobo began life under the name of Houston Harris on July 10, 1924. His first athletic love was baseball and it was when playing ball in the old negro league that he was spotted by former World wrestling champion - Joe Savoldi. Savoldi recognized Harris natural athletic abilities and seen he was a big man at 6'6 and talked Brazil into letting him train him for a pro wrestling career.
  Bobo proved to be a natural at the mat sport, headlining all over the world, and becoming a true legend within the sport. He was also the first huge name to join the IWA roster, helping to bring much recognition to the promotion. He never was IWA champion but he had runs as both an IWA Tag Team Champion and the United States champion.
   Bobo wrestled his last match in 1994, at just short of the age of 70. It was an iwa promoted contest held in Springfield Ohio, and he was disqualified in a match with Bull Miller.
Later that year he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by the Big Cat - Ernie Ladd. Bazil past away 1998 at the Lakeland Medical Center in St. Joseph, Michigan., after having suffered a series of strokes.
In a career spanning 4 decades, it is said he never received a single boo by a fan. Brazil was truly one of pro wrestling's legendary good guys.


Madman Jessy Salica

 Jessy Salica. . . Two things it takes to make it as a professional wrestler is a colorful personality and great athletic ability, two commodities Mike Ward's (born May 31, 1967) alter ego - Mad Man Jessy Salica had in spades.
   To just look at the Mad Man the only thing you could come up with was he was a cross between rock singer Alice Cooper and the legendary Count Dracula. But looks can only carry you so far in the world of pro wrestling, then the athletic ability has to take over, and the Mad Man had plenty of that as well, capturing the IWA Cruiserweight (then known as lightweight) championship several times.)
    He was an original member of the IWA's most successful faction, the Riot Squad, along with other original members Maniac Mark, Bull Miller, and manager Wimpy Watson. He was also a headliner wherever he appeared, and could always be counted on to give it his all in the ring.
Unfortunately, his all-out style caught up to him, as it does with many of the mat sport's performers, and a bad back caused him to retire while still a young man.
After pro wrestling he ended up moving to Denver Colorado, where he could better follow his beloved Denver Bronco's, and today he works as an administrating director for a school system.

Pretty Boy Floyd Jr.

 Pretty boy Floyd  Jr. . . . Born Floyd J. Woodgeard on October 25, 1955. He would follow his legendary father into the mat sport, adopting his ring name of Prettyboy Floyd as his own.
  He would sign on as an IWA roster member in the mid-1980s Floyd liked to get rough in the ring. One of his favorite antics was to take his false teeth out while the referee was not looking, and use them as a weapon on his opponents eyes and face
f this sort of behavior was not enough to make the fans upset, Floyd's pretty boy blond hair and screams of, "I'm better than you," would normally do the trick.
   Prettyboy Floyd Jr. never won any IWA gold, but his flashy demeanor and athletic ability were never in question, and he could always be counted on to entertain the IWA fans.

Maniac Mark Mustang

  Maniac Mark. . . One of the original members of the Riot Squad, Mark Bryant, AKA, Maniac Mark, was nothing but a main eventer in the IWA.
   Mark has won several IWA Tag Team championships with different Riot Squad members. He is also a former IWA United States Champion and had memorable feuds with the Batton Twins, Bobo Brazil, Rocco Verona, and Hollywood Hubie.
Despite Mark's maniacal appearance in the ring he is actually a very smart man and has acted as a pro wrestling trainer, and promoter, having run his own promotion called Maniac Championship Wrestling.
   The Maniac has truly done it all inside the world of professional wrestling, and he is still going strong, making occasional in-ring appearances.

Ivan Koloff 

The Russian Bear, Ivan Koloff, is the only man to hold both the WWE and the IWA Hvwt Titles, and that fact alone is enough to qualify him for enshrinement in the IWA Hall of Fame.
 In 1971 Koloff did what many at the time felt was the impossible, coming off the top rope with his dreaded Bombs away maneuver he ended then champions Bruno Sammartino's record-breaking title reign.Unfortunately, forKoloff his run on top was to be short-lived as he lost the title a month later to Pedro Morales.
  Koloffs early IWA run was entirely similar. In a match held in Olive Hill Ky. he came off the top rope. again with a Bombs Away maneuver, to end the reign of then IWA Hvt Champion, another Italian Strongman - Rocco Verona.    Again, unfortunately, forKoloff his reign on top was to be short-lived as he lost the title back to Verona just one month later, again in Olive Hill, Ky.
   Koloff made several other IWA appearances through the 
years, but never again garnered an IWA Title match.
   Koloff sadly passed away in February 2017.  After a battle with Liver Cancer.  There will never be another like the Russian Bear.  

08-25-42 to 02-18-17

"Too Cool" Trevor Lowe

   One would be hard-pressed to find a Superstar more associated with the IWA's way of doing things than Too Cool Trevor Lowe. After attending an IWA event Trevor had asked, "How do I get involved?"

 He was told about the IWA's School of Wrestling and immediately he signed up.
 Trevor's trainers knew right from the start he was special, and he was the standout student in his class. Inside of just a couple months, he was fulfilling his dream of being an active professional wrestler, and in the late 90's he was the dominating force within the company, winning the IWA Heavyweight Championship twice, defeating then champions Marcus Dillon and Dangerous Damien Kass. Trevor also won the United States Championship, defeating then future IWA Champion - Shane Christian.
  Today Trevor, feeling after winning the IWA Hvwt Title, twice, he had done it all in pro wrestling, has moved on to his other passion, preaching. He pastors his own church, the Harvest Bible Chapel in Pittsburgh Pa., under his given name - Jeff Miller.
But while the Too Cool ring gear may be gently folded away Lowe still digs it out a couple times a year to make sporadic IWA appearances.

"The Great and Fantastic"
​Bull Miller

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